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Pathology Services & Specialties

Our lab procedures result in excellent slide preparation for diagnosis by a Pathologist. Together, our licensed Pathologist's Assistants, Histotechnologists and Histotechnicians provide many years of combined experience in grossing, embedding, cutting and staining slides from specimens.

Blood Banking | Breast Pathology
Clinical Pathology | Cytogenetics
Cytopathology | Dermatopathology
Reference Laboratory
Gastrointestinal Pathology
Genitourinary Pathology
Hematopathology | Molecular Pathology
Neuropathology | OB-GYN Pathology
Ophthalmic Pathology

Slide Preparation

Here's what PGL will provide to you...

Consistent High Quality Slide Preparation
4 Pathologists' Assistants
Certified/Experienced Histotechnologists
State-of-the-Art Histology Laboratory
Full Quality Assurance Measures/Protocols

Specimen Handling

For questions regarding special handling of specimens, please call 225-706-4453


Our list of Histology services...

Routine Grossing of Tissue
Overnight Tissue Processing
Paraffin Embedding
Microtomy (Recuts, Serial & Step Sectioning
Extensive Menu of Special Stains
Immunohistochemical Stains (performed in-house)

Overnight Processing & Other Advantages

Cap Accredited Lab
Full-Service Tissue Processing Lab
Quality Slide Preparation
Next-Day Shipping by FedEX
Specimen Collection Supplies
Daily In-House Courier Services
Second Opinion Interpretations
Filing of Medicare and Third Party Insurance
Extensive Nationwide Insurance Coverage